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Striving For Balance

Have you ever wondered why you fell in love with that restaurant dish? Have you stared at your plate you made at home and thought that something was missing? Chefs have been taught to use "balance" in every bite they create. It is why some foods on their own are "just OK", but when you…
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An Ode To Cheese

The weather is cooling off, I am wearing multiple scarves and I am melting cheese on everything! 'Tis the season? As the temperature dips, humans naturally crave comfort and warmth...and sometimes that involves creamy dairy products heated until they drip. Sometimes it is just a sliver or two on top of something spicy. Occasionally, it…
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A Spanish Tasting Menu

I have been asked several times over the years what it is like to have a tasting menu at a fine dining restaurant from another country. I believe that many are nervous about trying something new, not knowing what they are ordering, or if the value will be worth it overall. When I dined at…
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First Time Travelling To Manhattan?

So... You have always wanted to go to Manhattan but are nervous about where too start, how much it will cost, is it safe and not-so-scary in the Big Apple? Here is the 411 on travelling from Ontario to New York City and what you can expect... Packing You will need: a passport. Make sure…
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