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Do Not Fear The Tagine

It sounds so exotic, doesn't it? It's a very pretty cooking vessel, indeed! A tagine (or tajine) is an earthenware pot for cooking meats and stews until they reach juicy and aromatic perfection. The resulting dishes cooked in these vessels are also called tagines. Originally used to slow-cook ingredients in the remaining heat of a…
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Adding Fat For Flavour AND Storage

A long time ago, people didn't have the luxury of refrigeration. They had to use other methods like packing meats in salt or canning cooked foods to keep what they had at their freshest for as long as possible. The French have been using a method of adding fat (OK...a lot of fat) to store…
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Bordeaux Releases 2018

As a big fan of Bordeaux wines, I make a point of attending one of the annual Union Des Grand Crus de Bordeaux events every year at this time. The Toronto stop is just one of many stops throughout North America that showcases the best of the Bordeaux region. It allows me to get a…
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A Different Kind of “Sun Holiday”

The end of December is my usual getaway for some sunshine prior to the New Year. We have traditionally booked an all inclusive getaway to somewhere in Caribbean, Mexico, Central America. It is easy to book and even easier to enjoy. With the hurricanes and other weather issues over the last year, we thought that…
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