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Saving Money = More Trips

I am asked often how I can afford to travel as I do. Besides having a fairly successful business, my husband is also a successful entrepreneur in his own right - and whose company rewards him often with vacation-style conferences, incentive trips and out-of-town meetings. I was smart a number of years back and decided…
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Wine & Gin Tasting In Victoria

Victoria, British Colombia I am sad that it has taken me so long to travel here. I have always heard great things, but we, as Canadians, know that it is much more expensive to travel within our own country sometimes than to venture outside of our borders. When I travel, I find myself making comparisons.…
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Yes. I mean Cuba.

I have just returned from Cuba - again…and it was a successful, positive getaway. Yes, I did say Cuba. Travelling to Cuba over the last decade or so has been inexpensive and not-so-luxurious compared to other Caribbean destinations. Once you have visited Cuba, met their wonderful people and learned a little more about what it's…
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Finding My Voice

Many times throughout the year, I find myself sitting across from a friend after I have just returned from another lovely holiday and I am asked “How was your trip?”. That is the focus for this new travel-themed blog - Flying For Flavour. I don’t think any reader is satisfied with a online travel website-style rant, nor…
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