Fancy Drinkin’

There is no denying it... The cocktail is BACK!   Throughout my recent trip overseas, billboards showcasing different brands of gin, whisky or vodka were everywhere - regardless of the city or country. While in Spain, a bartender bragged to me that the city of Madrid was the catalyst for the recent global resurgence of the "G&T".  (I am…
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I am SO glad that I packed my carry-on for a full three days!

When I arrived in Johannesburg, the airline told me that my checked suitcase was still in London and won’t be arriving until the next morning’s flight.

I may need to shop this afternoon for some toiletries to keep with me as “back-up” in case it gets delayed any longer, but what I have is really all I NEED.

Mix-and-match for 3 days - CHECK!

Mix-and-match for 3 days – CHECK!


Flying For Flavour Tour – Spring 2016

[embed][/embed] For those who want to follow along via social media (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter)... Here is my travel and location schedule as it stands now. Please note... If I can arrange any LIVE Facebook interviews ahead of time, I will have separate event listings on Facebook for you to join to receive reminders and…
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Packing Like A Pro?

I have to admit that I give myself a little pat on the back every time I manage to pack so many outfits and "just in case" things and still manage to stay under the weight limit for my luggage. I also admit that I also consistently come home with items that I haven't worn or used…
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