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Hotel & Airport Security

Episode Notes

A note from Stephanie...


There are many reasons that airports and hotels have security procedures.


It is to keep passengers and guests safe, but also the staff, workers and equipment safe from harm.


I know that it seems intrusive, onerous and cumbersome and those lineups are never fun for anyone...but they are in place for a reason - whether we always know it or not.


Keeping safe while travelling can become a habit - and then without even thinking, your trip one day feels just as safe as you would be in your own neighbourhood.


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Resources & Links

Airport Security 101

What To Wear

  • Avoid belts, jewelry, and jackets with too many zippers or buckles.
  • Wear slip-on shoes that come off easily. Avoid laces, heels, and straps.
  • Avoid wearing anything with metal buttons and snaps.

How To Pack

  • Pack your laptop and tablet last so that you can reach into your carry-on and grab them with ease.
  • Pack all liquids, aerosols, and gels (under 100 ml each) in a medium-sized (1L) plastic ziplock bag that can be closed. Anything over 100 ml should go into your check-in bag.
  • Pack your bag of liquids at the top of your bag so that they can be taken out easily.
  • Leave gifts unwrapped. The security team may want to inspect what you're traveling with so plan to wrap any gifts after security.
  • Don’t take toys that happen to look like any forbidden items.
  • Make sure that sharp tools are 6 cm or less if you’re going to take them through security. If they are longer they must go in checked baggage.
  • Tablets, e-books, and cameras can stay in your carry-on but laptops and game consoles need to be taken out of your carry-on and placed in a separate bin for screening.
  • Have a specific place in your personal bag/handbag for your passport that is easy and accessible. (We prefer it to be in a zippered compartment in the front or back of the bag.)

Security Screening Process

  • Before you enter the security line, empty your refillable water bottle or get rid of any other larger liquids that are more than 100 ml. You can refill the water bottle on the other side of security.
  • Remove everything from your pockets and put the contents in a bin.
  • Remove your computer, laptop and bag of liquids and put it in a bin.
  • Place your handbag/personal bag and any outer clothing (jackets, scarves and possibly sweaters) in a bin.
  • Place your carry-on its own bin or directly onto the conveyor belt as per the instructions of airport security (it may vary depending on location).
  • Stand in line in front of the metal detector and wait to be waved through.
  • Pick up your things at the other end. Make sure you have everything before you leave the area.
  • If they have questions about what is in your bag…Allow the officer to open your bag themselves.
  • If you don’t pass through the metal detector with success…You have the option of a full-body scan or a physical search. (You can always request a search in private and can also request that a witness observe the search.)

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