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Stephanie Piché is a Chef, Cooking Instructor, Wine Educator, Travel Presenter, Food Writer & Blogger - and now has finally opened her own wine bar - Wander Food & Wine and her first short-term accommodation rental - Legacy Suites.

Stephanie Piché

Stephanie was literally born into the kitchen.  All the women on both sides of her family are happiest when they are together cooking and serving food. Stephanie grew up in this atmosphere of love and laughter while learning family recipes that have been handed down for generations. It is this legacy that she safeguards and honours with the name of her company - Legacy Events Inc.

Although tradition is important to Stephanie, in her culinary arts she pushes traditional flavour boundaries at every opportunity by blending her intuition with her adventurous side to concoct an ever growing bounty of mouth-watering dishes.

Known for her unique and innovative ingredient combinations, Stephanie is a chef whose recipes continually surprise and delight. Her distinctive pairings of food and wines reveal a true gift for heightening the fine cuisine experience.

On her never-ending quest for new flavours and experiences, she has travelled the world to over 36 countries to gather insight and knowledge in international travel, luxury dining, local recipes and the world's best wines.

With her own website, luxury rental suites and new wine bar dedicated to all things food, drink and travel, Stephanie meets, chats and consults with people all over the world through Skype, social media and in person whenever she can.

From cooking and wine classes, food and travel writing, corporate & public events to community fundraisers, Stephanie shares her life's passions with grace and panache in her signature sparkle and high heels.




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Stephanie Piché hosts a public cooking demonstration.

Stephanie Piché hosts a public cooking demonstration.

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