Stephanie’s Promise

i hereby



Every single place listed on this site has been personally visited by me.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231I have paid for the meals, drinks, lodging or other travel expenses either on my own, split with a travelling friend, my husband or my husband's company who occasionally spoils us with destination meetings and conferences that I can tie into my own travel plans.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231I do not use a travel agent for my personal trips and I am not affiliated with any particular agency for my own personal travel.


I do not have a personal or travel assistant or agent to assist with my personal travel planning, dining reservations, reviews or articles. I make all of my own reservations, make the contacts with the hotels, restaurants and wineries, take the photos, write the reviews and articles and wait in lineups, airport bars and on tarmacs...just like you would.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231My classes are meant to be both informative and fun - and for everyone!
If you are looking for a master class in sous vide cooking or an in-depth discussion on the terroir subtleties between a California Zinfandel and an Italian primitivo, you may feel a bit let down.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231If I do suspect that I am being offered or granted anything above and beyond that isn't normal for others, I will always make note of it in my review or article.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231If I like a particular restaurant, hotel, product, food or company, it is because I like it - NOT because I was compensated in any way.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231I will aim to meet at least one new person at every place I visit. It can be the owner, the cashier, the ticket agent, the server or a concierge. I know that it takes a TEAM to pull off anything great in the hospitality and travel industries and it is the PEOPLE that will make the biggest impact in my memories of the trip.

simple_red_checkmark_clip_art_13231I will always be kind.
Even when I do not like something I ordered in a restaurant or other service business, I am only recording my personal experiences based on my taste and history. It does not mean that the place or people were "bad" and that you shouldn't try it. I will always have something positive to say about every place I visit because someone took the time and effort to serve ME and they deserve that minimum of respect. This same promise holds true for hotels, resorts, wineries and special events I attend.


I herby promise to update this list annually as my life in food and travel unfolds and opportunities that may come my way if I decide to detour at any time.

This website isn't just for me. It is for you.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

I hope you learn something.

I hope it inspires you to try something new.