Legacy Service Academy

The school’s objective is to help people develop their customer service, hospitality and culinary skills - and be a resource for at-home cooks and industry workers, as well as a key resource for Greater Ontario's food communities.

For those wanting a little more...

Our team of instructors have a passion for


By chance and serendipity, we came together from various backgrounds and industry experience to join forces and introduce food-and-drink fans to new techniques and industry secrets and stories to inspire creativity, some everyday luxury and perhaps even a new career.


We have talked to hospitality industry workers who want to improve their skills to earn more and excel in their service of others.


We have talked to home-cooks who want to learn tips on how to plan and execute a restaurant-worthy dinner party.


We have talked to people who want to finally take the leap into a second career in the world of hospitality.


We have arranged for classes to be held at various locations around the Greater City of Sudbury to make it easier for everyone to attend.


We can also arrange for private classes for groups at your own home or in the venue of your choice - in Sudbury or elsewhere!


We will add more classes and workshops as we gather more instructors and find more locations.


We want to inspire you to be EXCITED about your next plate, your next pour or your next successful venture.

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