Better With Friends

This is the time of year that I look back on the last 12 months (as everyone does, I’m sure) and try to decide what I did right, what needs improvement and what is my magical “theme” for the coming year that will upgrade all aspects of my life.

2018 was all about #onenewthing. Not just for the listeners of the podcast, but for myself as well. I challenged myself to buckle down and learn how the basics of audio editing...and then to tackle video editing...and as a true girl - how to use a filter app and camera angles to cut down on the 30+ takes for selfies and videos.

(Why are we all so hard on ourselves?!?)

As I put together or “Re-Cap” episode this week and wanted a quick summary of my favourite parts of the year, I quickly realized it wasn’t all that learning I was doing (as much I am a nerd for all that stuff) was bringing in my co-hosts.

Conversations with others is more fun that a teleprompter or talking to a mysterious listener on the other end.

I love watching the facial reactions of others who taste the wine I just poured for them or bit into something I just baked.

I love how laughter is contagious...when one starts, others soon follow...

My Flavour Crew was the sugar to my coffee this year... gave me pep and oh so sweet...

We will be spending even more time with each other this coming year...and since we will also be on the road more often...maybe spending more time with you too!

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