Bordeaux Releases 2018

As a big fan of Bordeaux wines, I make a point of attending one of the annual Union Des Grand Crus de Bordeaux events every year at this time.

The Toronto stop is just one of many stops throughout North America that showcases the best of the Bordeaux region.

It allows me to get a sample of this year's releases and give me an overall idea on how previous vintages stack up.

My thoughts on this year's show?

The wines were great - as to be expected - but the overall size of the show and the number of wines for sampling was smaller than previous years. According to one of the winery's sales reps that night, there was another event running at the same time in Washington DC that was splitting on many of the wines for sampling.

Bad scheduling?

The show was set up well with appellations grouped together where possible so the better producers of whites were at one end, reds at the other ...and sweet on its own.

This is where I make a note that I commiserated with a few other attendees at the end of the evening about the fact that there was only one Sauternes in the entire show this year. It is one of my favourite parts about this show...and although I thoroughly enjoy Chateau Guiraud, there was nothing to compare it to this year.

I did end up ordering a few things that stood out for me...we will just have to see if they hold up to my predictions of future perfection in my cellar over the next several years.

My Purchases

Château Guiraud 2015  (not easy decision) - still listed under Futures only

Click here for ordering the 2014.

Château de France 2015 - super dry and great value

Click here for ordering the 2014.

Château Valendraud 2015 - luscious and fruity, worth the splurge

Click here to order the one remaining bottle in Ontario of the previous vintage.

Château Beaumont 2015 - surprised me enough that I wanted to try it again at home.

New to the LCBO and Vintages for future 2018 release.

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