Flying For Flavour – Episode 12

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Wine Shopping & Ordering Basics

Episode Notes

A note from Stephanie...

The number one question I get in every class, or every time I chat with someone while I am wine shopping is..." How do I know that I am choosing the right wine?".


My answer is..." You don't."


Even after all of the years of sipping, tasting, pouring, teaching and travelling, I still don't always get it right...and that's ok. It is part of the beautiful journey of becoming a true wine lover. I sometimes take a gamble on a new producer, a new vintage or a new varietal from a well-known region...but other times, I pick a wine that I used to drink religiously in my younger days - and even THAT bottle can be a bad choice now.


Palates change and develop as you taste more options. With so many producers opting for "natural" production methods, you can't even guarantee that you will like their next vintage - or even the one after that...


The best idea is to taste often and taste many...without going broke.


I hope you enjoy this introductory episode on how to choose a wine...and I also hope it inspires you to try something new while you listen to it (or at least right afterwards).


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Blair MacBeath & Laurel O'Leary, Escoba Bistro & Wine Bar


Bonus Recipes

This is the time of year that you should start thinking about getting AHEAD in your food prep schedule for the holiday entertaining season.

Here are your first two recipes that can be made ahead and if wrapped well, can be stored in the freezer for a few weeks.


Blue Cheese & Dried Fruit Terrine


Resources & Links

Here is a handy chart to give you an idea of where to START for pairing food and wine...


Thanks to VINEPAIR for creating these two easy-to-understand infographics!


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