Finding My Voice

Many times throughout the year, I find myself sitting across from a friend after I have just returned from another lovely holiday and I am asked “How was your trip?”.

That is the focus for this new travel-themed blog - Flying For Flavour.

I don’t think any reader is satisfied with a online travel website-style rant, nor does anyone want a politically-correct, make-everyone-happy with niceties is the way to write these either.

I want to write like I was talking to a friend - YOU - to give you my thoughts, insights, lessons learned, mistakes I have made and any other little tidbit that will help you make the most of your next vacation.

Posts may come often, but they may not.

I promise to do my very best in showing you the world through my eyes as I see it - and as the food-and-drink-loving, curious, workaholic that I am.

My bags are packed and I am excited to take you along!

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