An Ode To Cheese

The weather is cooling off, I am wearing multiple scarves and I am melting cheese on everything!

'Tis the season?

As the temperature dips, humans naturally crave comfort and warmth...and sometimes that involves creamy dairy products heated until they drip.

Sometimes it is just a sliver or two on top of something spicy.

Occasionally, it is just a simple bite of cheese in all of its natural, salty glory.

Whether you need it to be orange and melted or prefer a wedge of brie, just starting to ooze from its rind, I have rarely met another human who doesn't swoon at the sight or smell of cheese.

And so I hereby confess...

  1. I have rationalized that a log of haloumi with a glass of wine is a complete meal.
  2. I have figured out over 20 different topping choices for a wheel of baked brie.
  3. I have melted cheese on just about anything in a last-ditch effort to make a quick Dinner For One.
  4. I have been stopped in my tracks because I passed by a French, runny cheese that make my nose scrunch up (with delight!).
  5. I have created an entire cooking class around cheese so I can chat with other cheese-lovers AND have an excuse for making a serving of each recipe for myself.

I have tried to cut back when I hear about the fat content and how my aging body doesn't like dealing with it.  (It did not work out well.)

I have tried to not have it in my fridge at all, to avoid temptation, and then I just eat out more often...


I have given up and happily so....and I don't care who knows it! are some of my favourite go-to recipes when I need a fix...enjoy!

LUXE Mac'n'Cheese

Classic Cheese Platter - How-To

Pear & Blue Cheese Flatbread

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