Flying For Flavour – Episode 3

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Nova Scotia Wines - Part 2

Episode Notes

A note from Stephanie...

I am excited to share this behind-the-scenes look at Benjamin Bridge - a true Canadian superstar winery! The entire team was so gracious and passionate about their wines that it was only fitting to showcase them in their own episode.

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Jean-Benoit Deslauriers - Head Winemaker at Benjamin Bridge

Scott Savoy - Head Viticulturist at Benjamin Bridge

Devon McConnell-Gordon - General Manager at Benjamin Bridge

Ashley McConnell-Gordon - Business Manager at Benjamin Bridge

...and special thanks to...

Gillian Mainguy - Wines of Nova Scotia



Here is a terrific little recipe to go along with your bottle of Nova 7…

Spicy Snapper Cakes

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Bonus Interviews or Videos (in YouTube format)

Resources & Links

Here is the link to Benjamin Bridge's website...Happy Browsing! (And hopefully, Happy Tasting!)

Benjamin Bridge

Here are the provincial links (in Canada) to find their wines nearest you...


Benjamin Bridge Brut Rosé 
Crush Imports (select private retailers in Calgary, Canmore and Edmonton)

British Columbia

Benjamin Bridge - Tidal Bay Nova Scotia 2015
Crush Imports (select private stores and restaurants)


Benjamin Bridge Nova 7
Benjamin Bridge Vero
Benjamin Bridge Méthode Classique NV
Banville & Jones

New Brunswick

Benjamin Bridge Nova 7
Benjamin Bridge NV
Benjamin Bridge Riesling
Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay


Benjamin Bridge Vero
Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay
Benjamin Bridge Nova 7
Benjamin Bridge NV Sparkling
Benjamin Bridge Cabernet Franc Rosé
Dialog Wines


Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 Sparkling 2016
Benjamin Bridge Brut Sparkling Wine 2011
Lifford Wine & Spirits


Benjamin Bridge Methode Classique NV
Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay
Benjamin Bridge Nova 7
Benjamin Bridge Methode Classique Brut


Benjamin Bridge Brut Reserve 2010
Benjamin Bridge Vero 2014
Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 Sparkling 2015
Benjamin Bridge - Tidal Bay Nova Scotia 2015
Benjamin Bridge Brut 2011
Benjamin Bridge Brut 2009
Vins Balthazard


Crush Imports



Nova Scotia

Bishop’s Cellar
Harvest Wines & Spirits
Cristall Wine Merchants
Rockhead Wine and Beer Market
Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

...their NSLC obviously carry 36 different wines from Benjamin Bridge...

Click here for the search results!

...and for those in the Northwest Territories OR outside of Canada, here is the link to Wine-searcher...

Click here for the Wine Searcher results!

...and if you want more information about the wine region itself, please visit...

Wines of Nova Scotia

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