Flying For Flavour – Episode 19

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The Christmas Episode

Episode Notes

A note from Stephanie...

I took some time catching up with friends and family over the past week - and I realized that I have been cutting back each year on how much time I spend in the kitchen to prepare for this week of entertaining.

...and I am guessing that I am not the only one...

I want to sit and have a glass of wine with my friend.

I want to be seated in the living room watching the season finale of Survivor with my nephew.

I want to watch my mother claim victory at Kismet over her grandkids.

I can't do all of that while I am standing in front of a stove.

I just pressed "record" here and there throughout the week to capture some of the highlights - to share some of my Christmas with you.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Special Guests


Stephanie's husband - Norm Piché

Their son - Alex Pechkoff

Her friends - Robin Moore & Mike Tamburro

Her parents - Allan & Diana Pechkoff

Her brother and family - The Pechkoff's - Stephen, Lisa, Ella & Max


Bonus Recipes


Here are the recipes that were featured in this episode...

Chestnut Soup

Bacon, Potato & Corn Chowder (from Life Made Simple)

Cola Pulled Pork

Finnish Coffee Bread (Pulla)

Nanny’s Buns


CBC Radio - 2017



Featured Wines

Peller Estates Signature Series Ice Cuvée Rosé

1999 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape

(there may not be any 1999 any longer, but there may be other vintages in Ontario to hunt down)

Toasted Head Chardonnay

Foreign Affair Enchanted

2008 Foreign Affair Cabernet Franc

2016 Five Rows Sauvignon Blanc


Photo Gallery


Bonus Audio  - Christmas In The Kitchen

Making Finnish bread (pulla) and Chestnut Soup.



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