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“Laurel Street” Food

There is a little pedestrian-only street in the heart of Logroño that is famous for its popular and always-packed tapas bars. Calle de Laurel (Laurel Street) has so many places to visit, tapas to sample and wines to drink that it is nearly impossible to spend time in all of them in only a weekend,…
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A Tasting Menu at Akelarre

After my recent visit to three-Michelin starred Akelarre in Donostia/San Sebastián, I posted the pictures of each course on my social media feed, as promised. As I expected, there were many questions about what each dish actually was, so I have listed below what we were served with a bit more of description than just…
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Seafood loves Albariño. So should you.

[embed]https://youtu.be/G2eMhKJbdAM[/embed] After travelling in Spain over the last several years, with all of the region differences, dialects and customs, I like some consistency. Albariño is one of those white wine varieties that I can order anywhere in Spain and the server will automatically pour me one of their best. It is almost always from the…
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Packing vs. Shipping

I have spent a number of years perfecting my packing techniques when taking home bottles of wine or spirits on my travels. I have a large collection of Wine Skins that also come with me in my suitcase or carry-on and I have kept small, thin sheets of bubblewrap tucked into zippered compartments here and there…
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