Becoming A Food City

You may have noticed that my raison d'être is culinary tourism (obviously).

  • I travel the world for the best and/or most authentic in food and beverage experiences and then return home to share my favourite finds - through blog posts, articles, classes and now my podcast.
  • Ever since I closed the catering division of my business, I have redirected my focus onto mentoring others who have a dream of foodservice success - in whatever form.
  • My Sudbury Secret Foodies Facebook page and secret dining group was  created to gather data and provide feedback to the Sudbury area restaurants to help them grow and stand out.

I have had my own culinary success here in Sudbury (my home City) and I know many others who are rockstars in our scene and continue to shake things up here...

BUT I also know of many other talented food-loving people who are scared to open their dream bar or restaurant and are hiding in other industries... just waiting...

It isn't a problem unique to this City.

The foodservice industry is difficult enough trying to please locals and the occasional tourist, but now that culinary tourism is the driving force behind many travellers' booking decisions, it is almost essential for every community to have a plan in place to promote, support and nurture their own "flavour".

Further to my previous post   Discovering Sudbury's Culinary Identity I am excited to be working with a group of passionate people who all want to put Sudbury as a "top of mind" destination for culinary tourists worldwide.

With the assistance and guidance of the Culinary Tourism Alliance  and Sudbury Tourism, we hope that by the spring of 2018, we will have a plan in place and specifics to promote.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions that you would like to send along, feel free to email me at


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