First Time For Everything

img_1028I usually save my half-hearted rants for my newsletter, Wanderlust, but since this discrace is so fresh and embarrassing, I thought I should post it before others start travelling away from the crazy cold and fold into the new chaos of "Canadian Boldness".

I have always been proud to boast to hospitality workers and other travellers around the globe that I am a Canadian.

It's a stereotype that I wearily proudly!

The one who always says "Thank You" or " Por Favor" and doesn't complain about much when I am travelling because I appreciate the effort and heart that goes into serving the public.

I slowly noticed the odd Canadian complain unnecessarily at other resorts and I have even spotted one or two who are overly intoxicated and start laughing at those same service members who have difficulty understanding them.

I bit my tongue and maybe made a snide Facebook comment.

I have now started to slink down in my beach chair and hide in embarrassment when I spot the new boorish behaviours of fellow Canadians at vacation destinations.

Hey! I get it!

We are on vacation...but we are not ALONE here!

Think about those around you!

I have seen men in gaudy t-shirts with ripped sleeves get beligerent with staff who quietly ask them to go and change into full shirts to dine in the more formal à la carte dining spot.

I have seen both men and women light up cigarettes around the pool or in the hallways - regardless of a country-wide no smoking ban.

I rarely spotted any of them tipping even a dollar to their server but I can usually hear snapping of fingers or loud cursing from the pool.

What happened to the overly-polite and ever-gracious Canadian travelers that the other countries used to welcome with open arms?

I am hoping that this is just a temporary trend of entitlement and a need to let off steam.

I don't want to have to start faking an accent to distance myself from that screaming couple in the lobby.

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