A Few Days In Sunny Santa Monica

You look like you need some sunshine! This is the second of my Travel Logs to provide you with a 3 or 4 day list of places to eat, where to stay and some fun stuff in between. ...but mostly, it is how to eat and drink your way through a weekend getaway. ;) As…
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Long Weekend In Niagara

Welcome to the first of my Travel Logs! I wanted to start documenting the details of weekend getaways to inspire all of the food and wine lovers out there who want to travel to someplace new and NOT have to overthink the planning process. I am listing the place I stayed, where I ate, where…
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Do Not Fear The Tagine

It sounds so exotic, doesn't it? It's a very pretty cooking vessel, indeed! A tagine (or tajine) is an earthenware pot for cooking meats and stews until they reach juicy and aromatic perfection. The resulting dishes cooked in these vessels are also called tagines. Originally used to slow-cook ingredients in the remaining heat of a…
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Adding Fat For Flavour AND Storage

A long time ago, people didn't have the luxury of refrigeration. They had to use other methods like packing meats in salt or canning cooked foods to keep what they had at their freshest for as long as possible. The French have been using a method of adding fat (OK...a lot of fat) to store…
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