Flying For Flavour – November 2018

November 3rd

"Reviews Gone Wild!"     Listen & Show Notes | YouTube Video

A reputation takes a lifetime to develop and an instant to destroy. With more than 88% of online shoppers incorporating reviews into their purchase decision, it is scary to watch a single negative review go viral - sometimes unnecessarily.

November 5th

“Crew Takes - La Grande Dégustation”   Listen & Show Notes

Stephanie visited La Grande Dégustation in Montreal again this year and thought that she should send along some trip planning notes for those of you who want to join her there next year - November 1-2, 2019.

November 10th

"A Healthy Balance"   Listen & Show Notes | YouTube Video

Stephanie and Cynthia need some help. They both have been over-indulging and travelling a lot lately so they are asking for some advice to get healthy again from holistic nutritionist Dana Clark and health & wellness consultant, Lisa Lounsbury.

November 17th

"Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau"   Listen & Show Notes | YouTube Video

It is the official celebration weekend for the release of the 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau! So, obviously, there is a lot of wine, cheese and laughs to be had for this episode...and maybe a bit of learning...

November 24th

"LIVE Show - Whiskey 101"     Listen & Show Notes | YouTube Video

It's our second LIVE show of Season 2 and we crammed in a full house into a little, cool bar in Sudbury called The Alibi Room to learn about whiskey and so Cynthia could try out her new spin on Family Feud.

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